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Adamjee Life Pinktober Awareness Session with nationwide free medical consultations

October 20, 2023

Adamjee Life, a leading name in the insurance industry, is pleased to have hosted such a successful Pinktober Awareness session aimed at promoting breast cancer awareness & early detection. This session took place on 20th October at the company’s head office, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing battle against breast cancer. The event featured renowned medical professionals as speakers, who provided valuable insights into breast health, prevention, and the importance of regular screenings.

In a remarkable collaboration, Adamjee Life partnered with the Ministry of Health, Government of Sindh and MED IQ Smart Healthcare Solutions, creating a dynamic platform for sharing essential knowledge and fostering community engagement. The event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to gain insights from esteemed doctors within the Ministry of Health and to explore the cutting-edge healthcare technology offered by MED IQ.

Dr. Hira Zaheer from the Ministry of Health, emphasized the importance of early detection, stating, "Events like these are crucial in spreading awareness. Early detection is the key to effective treatment, prompt action & a possible cure."

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the event, was the nationwide free medical consultations for every one offered by Adamjee Life through the MED IQ app for the entire month of October. This service allowed individuals to access expert medical guidance, with a particular focus on breast health and overall wellness.

Dr. Saira from MED IQ Smart Healthcare Solutions, expressed her gratitude, saying, "It's been an honor to be a part of this event. We believe in the importance of accessible healthcare, and this initiative perfectly aligns with our mission."

Ms. Nabeela Darugar, Head of Marketing & Corporate sales at Adamjee Life, stated, "This is a testament of Adamjee Life’s commitment towards social responsibility and the well-being of our community. We are proud to have been a part of this initiative, and remain dedicated to creating a brighter and healthier future for all."

Adamjee Life extends its heartfelt appreciation to everyone who participated in this important initiative, including the Government of Sindh, MED IQ, and all attendees. The event's success wouldn't have been possible without your valuable contributions.

For more information visit Adamjee Life website at www.adamjeelife.com or Facebook at www.facebook.com/adamjeelife

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